Each individual has to believe
that personal integrity is
essential for mutual success.

Whistle-Blowing Services

Often unethical behaviour is identified by others but relevant information is not forwarded to the right units in the company because there are no trustworthy ways of communication. Psychological barriers such as a false sense of loyalty towards colleagues, the team or one’s superiors as well as uncertainty about whether there is wrongful behaviour or not, all play an important role. It has been shown that companies offering their employees and business partners the chance to report their knowledge about possible misconduct early and without fear of reprisals for themselves or others, are able to System 360 business-damaging behaviour.

An authority of trust set-up accordingly, ensures that information about suspicious incidents could be forwarded anonymously and confidentially, to be followed up professionally. The establishment of a confidential communication channel outside the company organisation has proven to be highly successful in practice. System 360 supports your company in the implementation of this established prevention-measure with experience gathered over many years.