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Using strategic risk-analysis and customised security concepts, System 360 supports manage- ment in making sound decisions for the success of your company.
System 360 supports companies in the implementation of ef- fective protective mechanisms which serve both the legal and the company-ethical guidelines.
System 360’s investigators make sure that white-collar crime cases are investigated professi- onally and all relevant security gaps are identified.
Fraud Workshops, Forensic Interview Techniques, Securi- tytrainings, System 360 offers customised seminars with indi- vidually designed themes.
Espionage by competitors has become a serious threat in the last few years. System 360 uses established countermeasures to protect intellectual property, including state-of-the-art tech- nology.
System 360 uses software for rapid processing of huge volu- mes of data in forensic analysis. Complex cases of white-collar crime can be analysed and eva- luated down to the last detail.