Security isn’t everything.
But lack of security can
jeopardise everything.

Political and Economic Risk-Analysis

Knowledge of personal, economic or political connections is the basis of sound managerial decisions before starting a new business relationship. Within the framework of strategic security-consulting, System 360 analyses beforehand the basic conditions for your engagement at home and abroad, with regard to security aspects. Thus new locations and business partners can be assessed in order to make an optimal estimation of the political stability of a region as well as possible influence through white-collarcrime or hidden connections or interdependencies, in addition to economic factors.

System 360 conducts discreet background-checks to optimise your evaluation of your new business partners, to document the exact management- and ownership-structures and to enable you to accurately assess the reputation of the company and its main representatives. Your employees will be sensitised to all relevant risk-factors through additional training programs. Thus the risk of being in danger is minimised by providing relevant security-information.