You have determinedly pursued
and realised your own ideas.
With courage and at considerable expense.
You now deserve to be protected professionally.

Electronic Counter Measures

Access to confidential business data and the knowledge of strategic company-decisions ahead of time make it easy for determined criminals to commit their crimes. Hence criminals increasingly use highly specialised listening-devices, allowing them to access internal company-information. The meanwhile relatively easy acquisition of these devices and the low financial costs of carrying out technical listening-measures have led to a growing number of electronic eavesdropping-attacks which poses a serious threat.

System 360’s specially trained experts use state-of-theart measuring technology for the prevention of electronic eavesdropping. The consultancy-services include the implementation of appropriate counter-technology, security-related advice for decisions about buildings and premises as well as the electronic and physical search for even the smallest devices in certain rooms, communication lines, vehicles, hardware etc.