We see something you don’t see.
We see the seemingly invisible
and record any damage so it
will hold up in court.

Damage Assessment

Four things are basically crucial if a company has become a victim of white-collar-crime activities: to identify the offender, to establish the amount of damage, to prevent future white-collar-crime activities and to retrieve lost assets. For the latter, it is important to prove the exact amount of loss and damage in order to sue the offender for compensation. A comprehensible identification of the loss and damage is also necessary in case claims are made on insurance companies called upon to cover the loss.

System 360 identifies, analyses and assesses all information using state-of-the-art methods and specifies type,dimension and amount of loss and damage. The result is an exact documentation of the case and of the loss and damage caused by white-collar crime, based on reports, statements, expert opinion and testimonies.